Cyanide and sin Series


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Cyanide “Cyn” Atonal is a half siren half banshee and the lead singer of Cyanide and Sin. She is tired of touring and just wants a place to call home. The humans are too easy to pull into her spell and performing for them just doesn’t fulfill her anymore.


When she is at her wit's end, a gorgeous club owner approaches her and gives her an offer she cannot refuse. She is beckoned to the Islands of Limbo, a place hidden from humans and inhabited by monsters of every flavor.


The way these Islands make her feel is unmistakable and Cyn knows she has found home. The lust she feels for a few sexy monsters she meets makes her head spin.


Can she allow herself to give in to desire, or will she keep pushing everyone away?


Disclaimer: This is a paranormal reverse harem series and will have several kinds of sexual activities, violence, blood, and gore.

After looking for a place to call home, Cyn finds Reaver’s Hollow is just where she needs to be. Performing at the Liquor Kitty has been everything she has ever wanted, and she’s even making friends.

The problem is that so many monsters call to her heart, and she doesn’t understand why, but as we always say “Why should I have to make a choice?”

Things couldn’t be better until an assassin comes to Reaver’s Hollow and the guys want to hide Cyn away.

Will Cyn let the boys get away with this, or will she kick ass and find the assassin herself?

Come play in my city of monsters, but don’t let them bite... unless you want them to.