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Love hard. Stay Strong. Save them. Endangered Mates


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Seraphina Moon is the last white rhino shifter. Orphaned when she was a child, she was sent to live with a crash of black rhinos for safety, but even they don’t know what she truly is. When she was old enough, she left the Crash behind and moved to Seattle to become an event planner.

But even the best events can get off course when a little romance drops in the picture, and Jaime Fierce, a matchmaking librarian, is set on matching the beautiful Seraphina with the mate of her dreams.

Tantanka “Tank” Oxendine, a hunky bison shifter, is looking for his mate, and his friend Jaime Fierce is only too happy to find the perfect woman for him. He just never expected the event planner in charge of his “Save the Endangered Animals Fundraiser” would be the woman his matchmaker picked out.

Not everything can be scheduled though, and when a known poacher crashes Tank and Seraphina’s party, all hell breaks loose.

Can Seraphina and Tank find a way to stop Richter before he places them in his collection, or are their species doomed when looking down the barrel of a poacher’s scope?

Nadine Walker has been a sinner for as long as she can remember. She usually gets away unscathed, but this time is different. She has done something that she actually regrets, and now she is imprisoned for it.
Karl Nyeusi is the new Chief of the Black Rhino Crash and everything seems to be going well. Then a fiery redhead ended up in his village and gave one of their own to a psychotic poacher.
Now Nadine is his prisoner, but Karl can’t stop checking in on her and guarding her. What is it about her that he can’t stay away from?
Can she find redemption in the safety of his arms and can he find a way to let her in, or will she return to her old ways never to find love again?

Deja Hyde is the only pygmy hippo shifter she has ever heard of. Born into a group of full-sized hippo shifters, she has always felt like she does not belong. When she turned 18, she left her family and went to Seattle for college. Now age twenty-five, she is the event coordinator at the Fremont Foundry.

Who knew going to a wedding would put her love life into the hands of Jaime Fierce? And boy does the matchmaker have plans for Deja.
Two very hunky plans that is.

Xavier Montgomery, a giraffe shifter, and Cyrus Weber a lowland gorilla shifter have loved each other since they were teens. They have hidden their relationship from their crew because they are waiting for their third. A special woman who can handle two big and strong men that will spoil and love her. Jaime sinks his teeth into them and tells them they will meet their mate very soon. They cannot wait.

Unfortunately, a poacher is skulking around. He has his eyes set on the two newest members of the crew, twin babies Atticus and Abrielle.

Deja, Cyrus, and Xavier’s love is put to the test when they are sent on a manhunt. Will they rescue the babies in time, or will their love fail when the babies become another notch in the poacher’s belt?

Jude Siola is the Crew Beta and Vice President of Endangered Endeavors. Originally from Laos, he has come to America for his protection. He is an incredibly rare and endangered shifter. If his animal is discovered, it could mean death or worse, he could be used for his gifts. After watching some of his best crewmates find love, he finds himself longing for someone of his own. Then the dreams start. Something bad is happening to his mate, he can feel it in his bones. Then Jaime Fierce tells him that Jude will figure out who his mate is, and he will have to save her.

Shabina Tarsis grew up as Richter’s daughter. Though he was mean at times, she still loved him as a father. One day, she finds out what kind of man he really is, and he tortures her and leaves her for dead. She is rescued by Tank and the crew but has been in a coma for about a year. Her body is trying to heal the damage and her dreams are trying to tell her something. At the moment of her death, shining light is going to heal her, and its wielder will be her fated mate. Even in her sleep, she doesn’t believe it.

Meanwhile, a Vampire Bat Coven has moved into crew territory and Absynthe and Richter are still lurking.
With war looming and death imminent, will Jude shift and save them all, or will his fear of exposure put them all in the Necromancer’s grubby little grasp?
Trigger warning- this book contains one chapter that may trigger people sensitive about early pregnancy child loss. Please just skip chapter 18 if that is the case and enjoy the rest of the story <3