Absynthe Cleaver, Necromancer and Villainess, has never been loved.


Shunned and beaten by her religious father
who believed her to be a demon.

She was tortured for having powers she was born with and made to question any form of relationship.

She believed herself impervious to love…

Until four Supernatural men entered her life...

and she realized… She was so very wrong.

She won’t take this lying down…

Or maybe that is exactly what she’ll do.


This is a dark PNR Why Choose novel and part of the Monstrous Hearts series
but it is a stand-alone. You do not have to read the other books to enjoy this one,
but I highly recommend that you do.

Hope Brownfield is no ordinary girl, but she strives to live as one. As a natural-born vampire, she can live out in the sun and do things blood-borne vamps only dream of. There is only one problem, the Vampire Bat Shifters know she exists, and they want her to be their queen.

Drucifer Maldolvo, Alpha of the North Eastern Washington Cauldron of Bat Shifters, needs a queen to keep his lust for war at bay. When he learns of a natural-born vampire traveling through his territory, his heart begins to beat to a different tune. He wants her badly and will do whatever it takes to have her.

His attempt to court her goes awry when some hunters try to kill her, and he convinces her to let him protect her in a secluded cabin. Will they work together to rid her of her assailants, and will she accept his proposal and become their queen? Or will all be lost as they both fall into death and despair as their worlds are torn apart?